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R/T stood for Road and Track

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

The Dodge Coronet R/t muscle car die-cast 1:18 model in white

The term big-block and B-body while describing Mopars, chances are there will be a response. Someone will say the "Charger R/T or Road Runner" or perhaps the "Super Bee". Before any of those cars were a reality, there was the Coronet R/T. Which stood for Road and Track. Introduced in 1967, the R/T version of the Coronet was loaded with nothing less than a 440 Magnum engine. The hemi was optional. Fitted of course with a heavy duty suspension to keep it grounded to the road. Now getting back to the engine, Dodge outfitted the Coronet R/T with as I stated earlier the 440 Cubic Inch Magnum V8 as standard equipment. The 440 Cubic Inch big block was produced with a 4.32 inch cylinder bores and used five main bearing caps to keep the 3.75 inch stroke, with a forged steel crankshaft in place. Engineers also gave it a long-duration, hydraulic-lifter camshaft, as well as a cast iron intake manifold. An 800-CFM Carter four-barrel carburetor sat up top. A costly alternative in 1968 ($605 and $718) in 1969 was the legendary 426 Cubic Inch street hemi. Pittance compared to today's prices. These beefy block cast iron engines contained forged aluminum pistons in 4.25 inch bores and a forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods. In 1977 as a young adult my first car was a '66 Coronet 500 2 dr. hardtop that I restored. At least the body anyway. Mine had the 318 C.I. engine which by the way was the old 318 with the larger heads, almost a hemispherical combustion chamber but not quite. And certainly not a 426 hemi. The following year Dodge went to using smaller heads in the reliable 318. A good engine never-the-less!

This example Die-cast 1:18 replica is just a beautiful addition to any Mopar Collector! Produced by Auto World, this 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T is finished in a light Silver ! Features include Opening Doors & Hood a Detailed Engine Steerable Front Wheels Accurate Interior and Chassis and a Heavyweight Die-Cast Metal replica. Nicely detailed. There are Limited quantities as this has become a retired item! Get 12% OFF MSRP of $106.79. Now only $93.97



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